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Synthite offers a “palette” of purely natural ingredients to the world of perfumes & well-being. Having been the pioneer of the Indian Jasmine extraction, Synthite expanded its activity with a fully dedicated Perfumery Natural Ingredient Division which brings at WPC, some Classical Essential oils and Floral extracts along with Elegant New products.

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  • Vetiver is a fragrant root native to India. Synthite has initiated a program to revive and propagate the unique qualities of Indian Vetiver oil. We believe this initiative can be a model partnership between the farmer, the manufacturer and the perfumer.

    The unique "Terroir" of southern India, provides a powerful, high impact oil with signature woody, earthy and mineral notes. Apart from this unique aspect, We have been successful in reviving the interest of a large community of marginal farmers, towards cultivation of vetiver, in degraded land that may be unsuitable for food crops. Besides providing subsistence farmer families with additional income, there are several positive outcomes of the vetiver cultivation initiative, such as erosion control and mitigation of water runoff. We also engage with the community to educate and improve traditional farming practices that in turn, improves the yield and quality of the vetiver oil. The social, economic and environmental benefits make this programe very satisfying and we are proud of it.