Quintis Sandalwood  

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Quintis is the global leading supplier of sustainable Indian sandalwood and Australian sandalwood. Establishing the very first sustainable Indian sandalwood plantation in 1999, Quintis now proudly owns and manages the largest Indian sandalwood plantation in the world, spanning over 12,000 hectares across Australia with over 5.5 million trees.


  • Indian Sandalwood Oil
    Adored by perfumers globally for its classic woody aroma and fixative properties, our 100% pure and natural Indian sandalwood oil is ethically harvested and steam distilled from our sustainable plantation-grown Indian sandalwood logs....

  • Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), known as the “king of woods” for its perceived superiority in the sandalwood family, is identifiable by its signature odour: sweet, creamy and woody, which is thought to be due to its high beta-santalol content. Its oil has a 'liquid gold' appearance - it is a pale yellow to clear and slightly viscous liquid - and complements most fragrance families including florals, spices, musks and ambers.
    The benefits of Indian sandalwood oil extend beyond the nose. In aromatherapy, due its high concentration of therapeutic compound alpha-santalol, sandalwood oil is said to reduce anxiety and calm the mind when inhaled or applied topically.