Fricke Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

  • Booth: 823

Automatic dosing systems for laboratories and production in the fragrance and flavor industry. We will exhibit the following systems for laboratories: - Dosing Star Module - Manual Dosing Station with Batch Management Software

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  • Technology leader from Minden shows how choice ingredients can be made into unique fragrance compositions in a fast and precise way

    At this year’s World Perfumery Congress in Miami, Florida, visitors can literally experience the fragrance of the whole wide world. From June 29 to July 1, 2022, the perfumery world will be exhibiting its leading trends and innovations. Among the exhibitors will be the German company Fricke Dosing + Filling Systems, which enjoys world renown in the perfumery industry. Fricke will be presenting its laboratory dosing systems, which are unrivaled around the world.

    Perfume manufacturing involves the crafting of highly sophisticated creations that are elaborately composed by perfumers. With the utmost precision and an optimum level of automation, Fricke provides highly specialized fragrance manufacturers with dosing systems that meet their specific requirements. Through the high level of dosing precision, perfume manufacturers around the world can be assured that their creations will come out successfully.

    Fricke sets standards in the combination of precision and speed. The secret is the modular construction of their systems. Each module of the dosing system has its own scale, and the batch containers are automatically distributed across the modules by way of a linear axis. The valve containers developed by Fricke also make it possible for more rarely used raw materials and components to be utilized flexibly and accurately.

    With the right combination, this allows for an almost unlimited range of raw materials for the automated dosing of choice fragrances and top-quality aromas. The modern dosing system also keeps its focus on efficiency. Besides perfume manufacturers, producers of aromas of all kinds have also come to rely on Fricke’s technical solutions for the blending of their sophisticated products.

    The number of dosing modules and valve containers is variable, and the construction is compact and low-maintenance. Up to eight scales operate simultaneously, achieving the utmost precision and optimum dosing speed. In this process, Fricke combines modern hard- and software, creating German-made dosing solutions for the international perfume and aroma industries. Daniel Druschke, Sales Engineer at Fricke, says, “We’re looking forward to interacting with our existing and future customers at our trade fair stand 832 at the 2022 World Perfumery Congress in Miami.”