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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-class and creative aroma ingredients we are passionate to support our customer’s growth plans. Excellent formulations require high levels of purity and a continuous quality. We offer our product portfolio in six scent ranges, which contain in total more than 60 different products.


  • Velberry™ / Velberry™ BMBcert™
    Fruity, gourmand, fresh...

  • Is a new fruity building block for innovative fragrance creations. The gourmand character combines soft and powdery notes with freshness and red fruits.

    Velberry™ has an excellent blooming effect, works perfectly in all wet stages and can be used as a building block to round off formulations. Velberry™ BMBcert™ is part of BASF´s Biomass Balance approach to save fossil resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Isobionics® Santalol

  • The soft woody odor profile of Isobionics® Santalol represents the heart note from sandalwood oil.
    Isobionics® Santalol is produced from renewable resources with a cutting-edge fermentation technology that provides a constant premium quality and high availability, while protecting endangered sandalwood trees. 
    With its gentle elegance it can be easily introduced to all odor types conferring more volume and warmth. 

  • BASF Virtual Aroma Assistants
    Always there for you – our new Virtual Aroma Assistants are free and easy-to-use and available 24/7...

  • If you are looking for the right solution, sustainability benefits or compliance documentation, the new Virtual Aroma Assistants are there for you, wherever and whenever you need them.
  • BASF´s Biomass Balance Portfolio
    BASF´s biomass balance certified aroma ingredients prove that creation of memorable scents is not limited by CO2 reduction targets....

  • BASF's biomass balance certified products use renewable resources in the very beginning of the production Verbund. The bio-based feedstock amount is then allocated to specific Aroma Ingredients using a third party verified certification method.

    A broad range of aroma ingredients are now available with BASF’s certified biomass balance approach.

    Rely on an equally strong product performance, without reformulation, while significantly reducing CO2 footprint compared to the standard product.