Fragrance's Sustainable Future Panel

    Friday,July 01, 2022:2:00 PM -3:15 PM


    Panel Member
    Cyril Gallardo
    Ingredients Director
    Panel Member
    Guillaume Audy
    Sustainability Director
    Panel Member
    John Cherkauskas, Ph.D.
    VP, R&D – Scent
    International Flavors & Fragrances
    Panel Member
    Koenraad Vanhessche, Ph.D.
    Head of R&D
    ACS International
    Panel Member
    Michal Benmayor
    Vice-President Conscious Perfumery
    Panel Member
    Nathalie Benareau
    Fine Fragrance Perfumer
    Panel Member
    Patrick Foley, Ph.D.
    Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer
    P2 Science


    Sustainability continues to be among the top concerns in the fragrance industry. From sourcing to formulation to packaging, there are many factors for companies to keep top of mind while setting revised sustainability goals or prior to launching the latest collection. WPC has tapped industry experts to weigh in on the future of fragrance innovation in the years to come.​